Find the right people in the crowd using targeted data

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  • 35M+ Global Contact Records
  • 100% Socially Validated
  • 95%+ Deliverability
  • 100% Verified Monthly
  • 2M+ Global Accounts

The DivCOM Difference

  • 100% Socially Validated

    Our data is rechecked every 30 days or less against public social signals ensuring quality and integrity.

  • Call & Email Verification

    We use a proprietary email validation process resulting in less than 1% hard bounce rate.

  • Crowd-Sourced Validation

    Our Data Collective community makes over a million calls per month to validate the data.

  • Family Owned & Operated

    Divcom has been a family owned and operated business since it’s inception back in 1987.

  • Affordable Data

    With a wholesale focused pricing model, our cost is typically about half of the nearest competitor.

  • Accuracy Guaranteed

    We stand behind our data 100%, if you’re unsatisfied with the data quality we’ll refund you in full.

Our Services

We Serve Businesses in a Number of Industries

SMB, Enterprise, Agency, Partners, Marketing, ABM, Sales, Management, Consulting, and even Data