Lead Acquisition

Leverage The Power of the best Third Party Triple Validated B2B Data

Building your brand and expanding your reach through the use of third party data is the fastest way to drive more MQLs and SQLs for your Sales and Marketing team. But, with great opportunity also comes great risk, and if you’ve used other providers you know that cleansing, and now validation, has become more important than ever while building a strong operational foundation to scale. Strategic lead acquisition is key to hitting aggressive goals. Inbound isn’t enough to drive explosive sales goals. When you’re looking to push the needle, know that we’ve checked and thoroughly vetted all of our contacts before they land in your team’s hands.

Email Validation

  • 1% Hard bounce rate
  • Reduce Catch-all Emails
  • Threat detection / Risk Mitigation
  • 1400% Higher CTR Than Competitors

Why it Matters

  • Hard bounces and low engagement rates are the death knell for any campaign
  • Hard bounce rates over 5% = Campaign death
  • Catchall emails – Erode engagement = Slow campaign death

Web Persona Matching/Social Validation

  • The public web domain is a large and vast database. As the world has become more public we’ve shared more information than ever before. Simply making sure that our contact data matches the information they publicly share makes sense. Most sales reps look up a contact before reaching out to make sure the information they have is still accurate. We do the same just at scale, and on a very regular basis, saving your team time, money, and productivity.
  • 100% of our contact data is cross referenced with their public persona before being included.
  • Continual monitoring of our contacts web persona for changes makes sure our data stays current.

Phone Validation

  • Our data collective leverages the power of thousands of callers globally, making over 10 million calls per year. A coalition of the worlds largest demand gen companies, appointment setting companies, and telesales organizations all making calls 24/7 to ensure that the information is accurate.
  • More than 1 Million calls per month made to validate our global database.

Why it Matters

  • Higher call connect rates
  • Reduced downtime
  • Greater campaign velocity