Database Enrichment

Enrichment Is More Than Just Cleansing

Data is more important than ever to the sales and marketing process, and more data is being consumed and used to execute sales and marketing campaigns than ever, but the way data is being consumed has changed radically. We believe our partners are much better prepared to fulfill these need now and in the future, and thus DivCOM has devoted our business model to supporting the companies which enable the sales and marketing process. And in turn, we believe the data exhaust created by demand gen activities to be some of the most valuable data underutilized and/or wasted in the market.

We Serve Businesses in a Number of Industries

Do you have all of the data points to reach your audience on every available traditional and digital channel?
Here’s the fields that we supply.

First Name, Last Name, Title, Phone, Email, Company Name, Company Domain, Website, Corporate Address, Company Size, Industry, Social Profiles

Add Value

Email Validation

  • A crystal ball into the technology profile of a company.
  • See what technologies a company is running including:
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Web apps / CMS
    • Phone / VOIP

Social Append

  • Get to know your customer
    • What are they interested in
    • What are their Skills and Specialties