Wholesale Data

100% Channel Driven Business

Data is more important than ever to the sales and marketing process, and more data is being consumed and used to execute sales and marketing campaigns than ever, but the way data is being consumed has changed radically. We believe our partners are much better prepared to fulfill these needs now and in the future and thus DivCOM has devoted our business model to supporting the companies which enable the sales and marketing process. And in turn, we believe the data exhaust created by demand gen activities to be some of the most valuable data underutilized and/or wasted in the market.

We Serve Businesses in a Number of Industries

SMB, Enterprise, Agency, Partners, Marketing, ABM, Sales, Management, Consulting, and even Data

How We Help

Agency Model

  • On demand data available with no subscription or signup fees. We allow agencies, demand gen companies to source data at wholesale rates for their client campaigns as they arise.
  • Good for companies with varying and frequent data needs, and would like us to handle the DBA work.

Licensing Model

  • Our full data file is available to license along with any monthly updates coming from our Data Collective (More on That below)
  • Unrestricted usage terms
  • Easy flat file, in database friendly CSV format
  • Great option for the platforms and Predictive companies which need unfetted access, and can’t afford API performance issues.

Our Data Collective - It's a 2 Way Street

Our Partners are also the curators and collectors of some of the most relevant and important engagement data on the planet.

We’ve assembled a small group of some of the worlds leading outreach companies making a combined 1 million calls per month and over 10 million emails per month. This call and email outcome data is invaluable not only to other collective members, but also to our community of partners as a whole. We provide special pricing for collective members who are currently making a large number of calls and emails. If your business falls into this category please let us know so that we can put your data exhaust to work for both your company as well as the industry as a whole.

Our long term goal is to create an enclosed, self sustaining data environment which frees our partners from high data licensing costs. They become part of the data collection and validation process, and as a collective member, reap the benefits of the overall collective’s activity.